Aubrey Davis

Intake and Records Specialist


UNC Charlotte, BA in Sociology

Favorite Parts of ABA:

I love watching my learners acquire new skills and grow more independent. Knowing that I was a part of their progress is very rewarding to me!

Interests Outside of Work:

When I’m not working I like to roller skate, read, hang out and talk with friends, and play with my two dogs, Twixx and Kane.

What ABtA’s Mission and Values Mean to Me:

To me, ABtA’s mission and core values mean respect, dignity, and autonomy. We make sure that the families are active members of the treatment team and throughout the entire process we ensure that we maintain respect for our learners as well as their families, dignity by taking the whole person into account and not just a diagnosis, and autonomy by encouraging them and teaching them skills so they’ll be as independent and self-efficient as possible.