Monica Mejia Zuluaga

Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Professional Development


Florida Institute of Technology, Verified Course Sequence in Applied Behavior Analysis

Florida Atlantic University:

Ph.D. in Integrative Biology specialized in Neuroscience
M.S. in Biological Sciences specialized in Neuroscience
B.S. in Biology and Psychobiology (double major), French (minor)


Ethical, safe, and efficient practices for skill acquisition and behavior management practices, in particular the implementation of the Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment of problem behavior (aka “Dr. Hanley’s IISCA or PFA”).

Supervision and mentorship of behavior analysis students and newly certified analysts: I love being a mentor that is helping shape the new generation of behavior analysts!  I am very passionate about effective and ethical supervision practices because as a mentor I can be a part of the professional growth and learning experience of others while instilling in them the importance of compassionate and inclusive practices that highlight the dignity and uniqueness of our learners. We can do so many wonderful things with the science of behavior analysis, and I am heavily invested in the way our field is evolving to do better.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) practices

Effective telehealth practices


When I am not busy enjoying the wonderful chaos that is life with two young kids, I love running, doing yoga, cooking, and listening to a good podcast or audiobook.

What ABtA’s Mission and Values Mean to Me:

ABtA’s mission and core values exemplify everything that I want to see in an ABA agency. Our emphasis on effective yet compassionate, inclusive, and ethical ABA practices is represented by everyone on our team, from our behavior technicians and analysts to our CEO! I love that we strive to always highlight the dignity, autonomy, and individuality of our learners but also our employees: Here, everyone has a safe and nurturing space where they can be free to be themselves and continue to learn and grow. I am proud to call ABtA my work family.