Balanced Personal and Professional Life:

You are the backbone of our organization and we want you to be happy, so we do our very best to accommodate your needs and requests. At ABtA not only do we respect a harmonious work/life balance, we promote and encourage it!

Some of the benefits that help us promote a balanced work-life are:

  • A generous flextime policy for salaried employees
  • Flexibility in scheduling (we will build a schedule for you around your requested availability!)
  • Pay differential (higher rate) for optional weekend hours
  • Self-care time, PTO, and paid Holidays
  • We encourage our employees to take (and truly enjoy) their vacations and time off.
  • We conduct internal monthly trainings and regular CEU events, often discussing the topics of self-care, burnout prevention and management, and time management in the field of ABA among others.


Empowered Corporate Culture:

Our leadership team is composed of BCBAs. This means that our corporate decisions are always approached with a behavior analytic eye. We know what it means to be a BCBA and a BT, so we work hard to ensure an ethical, balanced, happy, collaborative, and supportive culture!

Some of the ways that help us promote an empowered corporate culture are:

  • We utilize the science of ABA within our own organization (Organization Behavioral Management) to create and implement our guidelines and procedures.
  • We strive to create and nurture a culture where our employees feel supported, appreciated, heard, reinforced, and never overworked.
  • We closely adhere to our Professional and Ethical Compliance Code: We are an agency that is focused on responsible and ethical growth, where the emphasis is on the quality of services and never the quantity.
  • We have an open-door policy, and you have direct access to our leadership team who are eager to explore your suggestions and ideas for company improvement.


Commitment to Training and Professional Development:

We are strongly committed to professional development and promotions from within to increase job satisfaction and employee growth. We pride ourselves on the many employees who have grown their careers with us and continue to do so. Our low staff turnover speaks for itself!

Some of the ways that help us promote professional development with all of our employees are:

  • Comprehensive agency orientation for new employees
  • Continuous and ongoing skills training for behavior technicians
  • We offer free access to an approved 40-hour RBT training for all behavior technicians who desire to become certified.
  • Monthly staff trainings for all employees
  • Behavioral skills training workshops
  • Professional improvement book clubs
  • Monthly BCBA and LPA collaboration and supervision meetings
  • BCBA Mentorship Program (Click here to learn more.)
  • Formal Trainee Program (Click here to learn more.)
  • Free internal CEU events
  • Generous professional development allowance for BCBAs (which increases with every employee year)
  • Thorough Quality Assurance systems in place to ensure high quality and ethical practices are consistently implemented
  • Internal and external collaborations to broaden our team members’ scope of competence
  • Structured (and growing!) career advancement opportunities for our administrative employees, BTs, RBTs, and BCBAs
  • Our growing company offers continuous growth potential to achieve your career goals: We want to be your dream job, and we are working hard to grow professionally alongside you!



Behavior technicians upload data to our electronic records management system (CentralReach™) daily, making it easy for you to collect, analyze, and utilize data to make effective programming decisions.

  • We provide company laptops to all of our BCBAs.
  • We provide data collection devices to all of our behavior technicians.
  • We utilize virtual/online assessment portals for our learners (VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, EFL, AFLS, etc), although we also have paper and pencil formats for any old-school BCBAs.
  • We ensure we remain abreast with the most current ABA technologies and research.


Administrative Staff Support:

You can focus exclusively on the learners and families you serve while our support team manages all administrative paperwork.

  • Our intake department takes care of our learners’ full onboarding processes, so you can focus just on the assessment and programming process along with our clinical director.
  • Our training department focuses on onboarding and training our new employees, ensuring that they receive full support and are ready to begin working with learners.
  • We have a scheduling department so you do not have to worry about scheduling your learners’ sessions, cancellations, make-up sessions, and scheduling changes during school and off-school periods.
  • We outsource billing tasks so that you can focus on the parts of your job that you love!
Mission and Core Values:

We are proud of our mission and core values and believe that these set us apart as an ABA agency. (Click here to learn more.)

No Non-Compete Clauses:

At ABtA we believe and encourage collaboration among ourselves, ancillary providers, and other providers and agencies in the field of ABA. We do not believe in non-competes! We believe in building a workplace that you never want to leave because you love it here, not because you are being forced to stay!

Exceptional Benefits For All Full-Time Employees:
  • Above-market compensation based on experience and education
  • Flexible & Consistent (30+) Hours despite Learner Cancellations!
  • Paid Self-Care Time Off
  • Paid Vacation Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Shared PTO Program
  • Company-wide social gatherings
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan with a company match
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for medical expenses
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for dependent care expenses
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Cancer/Specified-Disease Insurance
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Drive Time AND Mileage Reimbursement Policy
Employees Pursuing their BCaBA/BCBA Certifications:
  • Formal trainee program
    • Structured BCBA Supervision (1:1 & group)
    • Emphasis on ethical and thorough fieldwork experience
    • PAID Unrestricted hours & training activities
    • Monthly group trainee meetings
    • Dedicated trainee managers
    • Click here to learn more
  • FREE supervision
  • NO Contracts: ABtA does not require the trainee to maintain employment within the agency for any length of time during or after the end of their supervisory relationship in order to enter their supervisory contracts/trainee program.
  • Discounted tuition rates
Additional Benefits for Full-Time Behavior Analysts
  • Paid time off from work starting with five (5) weeks and increasing annually:
      • Ten (10) paid holidays
      • Two (2) weeks of Paid Time Off (which increases with every employee year)
      • One (1) week of Paid Self-Care Time Off
  • Agency provided phone or monthly phone allowance to promote work/life balance practices
  • Small caseloads and billable hour guidelines
  • Quarterly bonus incentives for exceeding billable hour guidelines while maintaining quality standards
  • Mentorship and collaboration for all BCBAs (Click here to learn more)
  • Flexible schedule
  • Free CEU events
  • Generous professional development allowance (which increases with every employee year)
  • Agency laptop provided
  • Professional liability coverage